Contagious by Jonah Berger


As some may remember Nipsey Hussle‘s legendary ‘Crenshaw’ mixtape was sold for $100. With only a thousand physical copies made. It sold out the first night of its release. Clearing $100k, In which Jay-Z started the wildfire & bought 100 of them. Wiring $10k to The Marathon team. Did I mention it was free online the next day. Nipsey Hussle got the idea 💡 from ‘Contagious’. Barclay Prime in Philadelphia has a $100 Philly cheesesteak. The idea being so remarkable it got coverage from every media & local news platform. Everyone from celebrities to politicians came to experience what this cheesesteak taste like. Shit, even Oprah. So... why do things go viral? Us, the mercymecommunity will dive into this. Like is there a formula? What is social currency & why is some content so good it’s annoying. Let’s find out.


Social Currency:

Social currency: can be defined as something worth sharing to others. How many times have you came across something unique & u got excited to tell someone else about it? You felt as tho you were ‘putting them onto something’. In reality you were making yourself look good. Like an insider. This is social currency. Sharing something unique but as Jonah put it “talking about remarkable things is social currency”. But also rewards. Think about ig (instagram). Let’s say someone with a blue check follows you, are you looking into who they are a lil’ closer? Or telling somebody that this person followed u? Let’s say it’s Rhianna. Are u screen shotting that to post? Lol Why? Because it’s social currency. You’d want people to know she followed you. Moral is make what u do a way to make a good impression. Remarkable.



Triggers: can be defined as occurrences that happen often to trigger our product, service, song etc. The best example for us is the movie ‘Friday’. If u grew up anywhere near the 90’s or just in the Culture you’d know, it’s a CLASSIC. But why? I believe it’s about how often the day Friday occurs. It’s reoccurring for everyone in every language. By linking what you do to something that everyone experiences often, you’ll trigger it by the frequency of the link. Don’t believe me? ask icecube.



Emotion is something that’s compelling. Something that pulls your heart strings.
Provokes you to action. I’ll use a video from our Season:4 collection circa 2017 as an example. As I’m sharing what actually took place between how my mother & father met. You get the sense that he was a businessman, on the right track. That fell into the crack scene of LA, introduced to him by my mom. Couple that w/ the music. It’s context as to what they were listening to. Both doing real prison time over the course of having 3 boys. & Me being the youngest being born in a riverside women’s prison & put into foster care an hour old is crazy. The irony of me sharing this from where I am today is inspiring. I know cause It inspires me. In conclusion, use an arousing emotion in your content to provoke sharing. People need to be moved.



Public is a product that advertises itself by being observable to others. How many people need someone else to try something before they do? Something everyone can see prompts imitation. When designing a product or idea we should consider its visibility to others. Let’s take Apple‘s headphones. They made their headphones white to distinguish them selves from other products. A sort of status symbol, or social currency right? but also people saw it as what other people were already doing. a green light that it’s ok.


Practical Value:

Practical value is useful. Sharing practical information for someone else allows people to connect & raises another person up, mentally. Our business should be positive. Period. & Practicality is the easiest way to be of value. Fr fr.




Stories give context to information. Substance, meaning, & moral travel thru stories. If we are building a GREAT brand/product/ service. We need to tell our story. But, the best way to tell a strong story is to be present during our own.